homeChinese medicine is a primary health profession used to promote, prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries using methods other than surgery. Acupuncture therapy is the art and science of physical care carried out by a licensed professional with a degree in Chinese medicine that provides services to individuals wanting to develop, maintain, or restore functional ability and health potential. Chinese medicine has many specialties and provides services for those affected by conditions such as pain, infertility, foot disorders, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and sports injuries.

Our Mission

To provide you with affordable, professional and comprehensive health care through the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and myofascial release while upholding the highest medical standards with integrity and respect.

What Others Are Saying

“Wow! I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time. I didn’t feel the need to reach for the 10 pills I have to take every morning. Yesterday’s treatment was awesome. Can’t really explain it but something is definitely different, in a great way. I love ’em (the needles). Thank you, thank you, thank you Scott! You are the best! – E.M.

“I’ve had back, knee and foot issues for months. I tried other treatments that only provided short-term relief. Scott was referred to me by my doctor and I’m sure glad I went. Scott is thorough, the acupuncture is virtually painless, and after each session I feel like a new person. Highly recommended!” – J. B.

“I’ve dealt with lifelong anxiety and depression. I wanted a more natural approach to managing these conditions. A friend recommended me to Scott who treats her for similar issues with great results. I have to say that my life has improved greatly because of the treatments. Thank you!” – A.Y.


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Monday  and Thursday Only

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Serving Erdenheim, Flourtown, Ambler, Chestnut Hill, Glenside, Philadelphia, Mt. Airy, Oreland

Outcall available 
Outcall visits are available for patients  who are unable to leave a house or facility.


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