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Many acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain symptoms respond very well to acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture needling accurately locates and softens tension, relaxes muscles spasms, eases physiological stress by balancing the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, promotes local blood circulation, and reduces swelling and inflammation in strained or sprained muscles, tendons, and joint capsules.

By promoting general well-being, acupuncture accelerates and enhances the self-healing process of the body. Improving healing potential directly reduces local inflammation, the essential physiologic process that causes pain. Acupuncture treats the whole body, concentrating on the cause of the problem and not only on the area where the problem is manifested.

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Acupuncture is effective for tension, cluster, and migraine headaches. Even though relief may be obtained after only a few sessions, long-term success typically involves an approach to identify contributing factors or specific timeline. For example, headaches related to menstrual issues may require one to be treated through many cycles to effectively monitor progress.

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There are various acupuncture treatment options, for both female and male, depending on one’s specific fertility needs. Treatment timing and frequency depends on a number of factors such as; where one is in the IVF cycle; preparing for embryo transfer; preparing for egg collection; if one has a history of miscarriage; the first weeks of pregnancy; labor preparation; deficient sperm motility; sperm donation, and so on. Please call for an explanation of treatment options as they may be combined or modified depending on the needs of the individual.

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Stress and Anxiety

Acupuncture therapy is a powerful addition to any psychotherapy one may be undergoing. Acupuncture and acupressure are utilized to release armoring or muscular tension associated with emotional trauma. Emotional trauma is a stagnation or blockage that settles in certain areas of the body. This armoring, or muscular contraction, impedes proper flow of that energy. Without a free flow of energy one has difficulty resolving stagnation, emotional trauma, or the physical symptoms associated with chronic holding patterns in the body. Acupuncture’s effect on multiple physiological systems makes it an encouraging complementary therapy for affective and psychosomatic disorders. Research and clinical experience has revealed promising results for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, pain, and visceral disorders.

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Biomedical Research

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